Saturday, April 7, 2012

Excuse me I have to study...NBML Vacation Mode

I will be on a short hiatus from the nail world.  I have to study for a very important licensure exam for work which has a very high first time fail rate.  Since I don't want to fail; this will be my last post for awhile.  I'll still participate in Artsy Wednesday.

This will give me time to evaluate what direction I'd like to take my nail blog.  I feel like I've been buying colors out of control lately, swatching, posting then forgetting about them.  To be quite frank, that's not a good use of my money.  It's now become an issue of quantity vs. quality.  

Once I return, I'd like to host a sale/purge/swap of some of my colors in my collection then I think I'd feel better.  

In the meantime, I feel I've posted enough content to formulate the basics for general nail care and basic nail art, please click through the following links: 

General nail care:
Nail art basics:
I've used many basic nail art techniques in my videos for my channel.  Some tutorials may be out of season but the techniques covered can still be used with any color scheme. 
Again don't feel intimated by nail art! Try it! It just takes practice and a steady hand, you'll get there.  My foray into nail art started with buying a pack of $2 flower nail stickers from Walgreens and then it took from there. 

The biggest complaint I get from fans is that, "I'm not good at nail art," or "I can't"...yes you can!  It just takes practice! 

Well, now I am off to go take a bunch of practice tests over and over again. :/ 

My cat cat-blocking my study guides. 


  1. Good luck with the exam - I look forward to seeing you back again!!

  2. Good luck on your exam! Study up '-) You'll do great! Just remember to take some cat breaks to relax the brain!

  3. Best of luck and see you soon sweetie :D

  4. All the best luck from here! :)


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