Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Arsy Wednesday: Easter + Bunny Rant!

Easter is this Sunday and this week's challenge is to create an Easter inspired mani.  I'm trying to cram for my state licensure exam so the mani I had planned will be on back burner.  I wanted to do a stained glass nail design to represent church.  I drew it out. It's in my mani notebook.

Here are my Easter nails.  I was trying to make a decorative egg design. 

Purple version

Blue version

Stamping smeared a bit here and my top coat shrunk and pulled the polish back!
Looks fine, just not in macro mode!

Final Thoughts? I like to do mani variations on the other hand. I have so many manis planned I paint a different one on each.  I don't know if this design is really Easter or not but I'm sticking to it!  I liked wearing the gem stones.  They kept me entertained! 

How I did it?
Base: OPI Don't Touch my Tutu + Pirourette my Whistle from Monday's post.
Stamping Plate: Konad M60 Argyle pattern
Stamping Polish: Purple is China Glaze Grape Pop and the blue is Zoya Ibiza
Glitter striper: Kiss Silver glitter
Nail art pieces: color gems from Daiso Japan
Half Moon: binder reinforcement sticker-circles

Now, for my Easter rant...

 Ms. Lizard PSA: Don't buy a rabbit as gift just cuz it's Easter! 

Rabbits require love and attention just as much as any other animal in your home! Please don't adopt a rabbit just because it's Easter; just to leave it in a cage. They require just as much attention as a dog or cat if not more!

This is Charlie the Bunny, he was purchased at the state fair. Guess what? His family does not want him anymore and asked me to take him. Unfortunately, I live in a apartment and can't fit him anywhere at the moment. I asked the family to hold on to him while I look for a larger place. I look at his picture everyday in hopes I can take him home to the Haus of Lizard.

For more information on rabbits and how you can help, please check out Save A Bunny.  Also, please watch the vid below of competitive rabbit show jumping, like horse jumping but for rabbits.

Sorry if that sounded kind of ranty. 

Happy Easter! 

What are you doing for Easter Sunday? 

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  1. Good luck with your exam :)
    The mani is very elegant and nice!

  2. Not ranty at all...I love bunnies they are so sweet (but illegal here ) And the nail art as always is exquisite! The blue and purple versions are great to see!

    1. Wow I didn't know they were illegal in QLD! :O

  3. for me the gem stones make this mani... love a bit of bling!! and as for the 'rant' i agree!! xx

  4. So pretty!

    I nominated you for the "I Love Your Blog" award ;)

  5. I think it's cool that You do each hand's like 2 for 1 manicures ;) thanks for posting about the bunny situation.

  6. So agree this just drives me nuts, don't buy bunnies or chicks for Easter! They are cute and adorable, I've raised both but they involve a lot of care, work & love and if you cannot commit or they lose their cuteness in a month then what? Same thing at Christmas let's give a puppy or a kitten and then a month later the shelters are full. Its cruel and you thought you were ranting lol Of course I grew up in a house that allowed the rabbits, ducks and a skunk roam free. Puts a whole new dimension to being teased as a child, trying to explain why the rabbit, skunk are litter box trained and why they are on the couch

  7. this is very original and looks so pretty! Happy Easter!

  8. Love the gems! And you are right on about the bunnies.. Shelters are inundated with them a couple weeks after Easter because of people who bought them because they are cute and did not consider the commitment!

  9. Gorgeous design and colour combo! I've just started experimenting with rhinestones, might have to check out the local Daiso soon... and I totally agree about the bunnies, we have one and he's a handful!


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