Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wet n Wild: Flora Collection gift set swatches and review

I popped into Walgreens and these $5 gift sets caught my eye.  Bright, cheery, tropical...$5! Sold!

Excuse the crappy photo!
L to R: WnW Fast Dry Twining Vines, lip gloss, eyeshadow trio and blush.

Wet n Wild Twining Vines is a shimmery lime-green foil with green and gold shimmers. Very spring!

Wet n Wild Glossy Gloss Mow the Glass, your standard light pink lip gloss.  Really sticky and rather thick.  Slight odd fruity taste. 

Wet n Wild Coloricon eyeshadow trio in Flora.  A lime green shimmer, a darker green and a matte tangerine orange eyeshadow. 

Wet n Wild Coloricon blusher in Mellow Wine.  Very pink and very pigmented. Applying too much can look as though you've been drinking!

Here I swatched the makeup on my arm (no primer): 

I was hoping the eyeshadow would be more pigmented. Well, what do you expect from drugstore eyeshadow?  I tried it out on my eye with primer and an undercoat of white liner and it was still sheer.  I have somewhat tropical eyes.  I might still play with other eye looks and the blush was a bonus because I always use lipstick as blush.  So this gift set was not a total bust. 

Overall, I'd recommend this set as a gift for a tween girl that you're not acquainted with but are obligated to give a gift for whatever event. (Y'know what I mean, right?)  Otherwise, you should probably pass on this deal.  

The other set was called Fauna and it had purple and blue toned shadows and a teal polish.  There's only one person that can pull off those color combos but I tend to avoid it at all costs!


  1. The prices you guys have - even the normal price, makes me want to move LOL.
    I can hardly buy a 5ml cheap polish for that amount, sighhhh :)

    1. Yeah but everything else is expensive. I sill live in an apartment. I don't think I'll be able to buy a house anytime soon. :(

  2. Have you tried mixing some of the powdered eyeshadow with a little bit of water first? I do that with some of my more sheer colors to add some pop to them and it works pretty well.

    1. I did & I mixed the orange with bit of gold. It worked better.

    2. mixing the orange with a bit of gold sounds kinda pretty!

  3. I absolutely loved the nail polish--and am considering buying another set just to have a backup--but everything else in the set was a disappointment. The blush is nice, but if I remember correctly, it's one in their permanent line, so I already had it, and I don't use it as it doesn't suit my skintone.


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