Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rainbow Sprinkles Mani

I wanted to try a sprinkles manicure after seeing the Ciate Caviar manicure sets online.  I thought, "hey I can get a pack of sprinkles for $1 to get a similar look!"

Base: ChG Something Sweet
Glitter: NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter
Rainbow Non-Pareils

How to apply: 
  • Paint your base coat/color and let dry.
  • Apply a slow drying top coat. The thicker the better. 
  • Sprinkle the non-pareils over a small bowl onto your nail.
  • Tap off excess. 
  • Apply 2-coats of top coat and let dry!

Hours later I freaked and decided I could not wear them to work. Here's a low light shot of Dreamy Glitter. It's has opal hex glitter, regular opal glitter with sheer pink stars in a pink jelly base. 

Warning!  The rainbow sprinkles did stain through the base coat and color!  So try at your own discretion! 

Damn, fake dyes & sugar. What am I going to do with these now!

Now, I have a rainbow stained ring finger! I should have known better!

Next post!
How to do a lemon treatment for stained nails. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hahaha, SO funny, and I can totally see your expression when you realized how badly it stained ;)

  2. So cute, but so awful! At least now I see some ice cream sundaes in your future!!

    1. That's a good idea! My BF has a total sweet tooth!

  3. Looks great!! I saw a similar post where she used craft glitters from Michaels.

    1. Yes it would help if Joannes or Michaels ever restocked their stuff! Everytime I go, it looks like it's been hit by the zompacalyse!

  4. Haha cute idea! I've been told that whitening toothpaste works well if lemon doesn't do it.

    1. I've tried that trick too as well as denture cleaner. I bought a lemon & I'm gonna do the lemon/peroxide/baking soda combo.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE. i need to try the caviar mani desperately!!! xx


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