Friday, March 9, 2012

Nails Inc. Warwick Way Dotticure + Dotting Tool Review

A couple of weeks ago I posted some really color inaccurate photos of Nails Inc. Warwick Way.  I could not for the life of me get it to capture.  It kept showing up as a blue!  I was really frustrated.  It's such a pretty color. I then decided to try out my dotting tools from Mash.  I bought these...?? I forgot when.

I hit the "warmify" effect to try to bring out the teal. 

To make the dots I used SH Insta-Dri Whirlwind white.  Across the board, dots are the easiest manicure technique to learn and not very time consuming.  It's easy but it impresses.  I had ladies asking who did my nails! Moi! 

Here's the shot of the tools.  

How to make dots: 
  • Use a dotting tool or any small spherical object. i.e. a bobby pin or a match stick.
  • Dab some polish onto test paper and dab your tool in it. 
  • Make test dots to dab off excess polish. 
  • Dab onto you dry base color. 
  • Let dry and apply topcoat.   
  • Dotting tools can be cleaned with acetone for future use.
To make them uniform, I placed a row of dots down the middle and dots in between.  You can place the dots however you'd prefer.  

How to make dots with your non-dominant hand?

As you may know, I like to post nail art on both my hands.  I posted these on FB first and many were asking how to do your non-dominant hand.  I'm right handed.  The trick is to steady your arm and wrist.  To make dots, it's just an up-down motion.  Nothing too intricate.  So I steadied my left arm and wrist on my leg and did the dots on my right hand. 

How to paint with your non-dominant hand is a commonly asked question for nail bloggers.  All I can say is start with small exercises i.e. writing your name over and over or reaching for objects.  Practice makes perfect when painting with your non-dominant hand. 

Lastly, I purchased this set off Amazon for less than $5 from Mash.  There are no differences between brands.  All tools are uniform in size.  

It's nice to have a set of dotting tools versus using a paper embossing tool! 

What do you think of "dotticures," dot manicures? 

Will you be trying any soon? 

Thanks for reading!


  1. It's a gorgeous color, I can imagine. Teals are SO difficult, they either turns blue or green on photos. Cute mani, dotticure is a great word ;)

    1. I saw that word over a Berrypolished! This color was so pretty. I'm bummed it couldn't capture. You have to see it in person.

  2. I have some scrapbook embossing tools that look exactly like these. Looks like they will have some multi-tasking work ahead! Thanks for sharing, your mani looks great! :)

    1. I miss my paper embossing kit. :( I bought one embossing tool at the art store but they didn't have larger sizes.

  3. I love "dooticures" but my dots always end up different sizes lol...more excuses to keep on trying I guess :) The teal is gorgeous btw!

    1. It's tough cuz you have to figure out the amt. of pressure to apply and the amt. of paint. Keep practicing! Dots that are diff. sizes are ok too!

  4. This design is adorable! :)

    I think resting your wrists on something works quite well, for the dominant hand too! Then you can kind of move your dominant hand over to the dotting tool rather than the other way around as well...

    1. I think painting your dominant hand is a major deterrent for people. I used to be not that great either. You just have to practice.


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