Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My St. Patrick's Day SNAFU

Flake nail polish = GREAT!  Friends that are flakes = not so great.  :(  Here's my St. Patrick's Day mani that no one got to see.

China Glaze Agro plus 2-coats of Fingerpaints Flecked, a green-blue flakie polish.  If you look at the bottle, you can see the color shift of the flakies.

Indirect sun

Still rocking my Puscifer demon. Show was awesome, BTW! 

The flakies have a color shift at extreme angles from green to blue. This photo is back lit. 

You only see the color shift in low light. 

In sum, I'm just tired of people.

**This is not directed towards any of you; you guys are awesome!

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