Friday, March 16, 2012

A music related post

Most of last year, I went to rock concerts solo just because I couldn't get no one to come with me or my friend go sick. yadayaddya! Someone always has an excuse NOT to do something!  Contrary to popular belief, rock concerts aren't these seedy violence ridden arenas where Lizards like myself are robbed and maimed. I'm a short Lizard too that still gets carded.

My strategy? Buy an overpriced concert beer & hot dog and offer to buy the person next to me a beer or hot dog then usually we talk and enjoy the show!  Beers and dogs, the great equalizer!

Finally, I stayed up late and did a rock concert mani.  I usually run out of time and don't get to change the color I'm wearing.  Yeah, I'm quirky like that.  Tonight, I'm going to see this band.

The base color is China Glaze's Smoke and Ashes with the Puscifer band logo (No copyright infringement intended.) 

The logo I printed out on a shipping label and stuck to my nail and polished over it.  It's a little raised but it will do.  I do want to try making my own waterslide decals but a pack of decal paper is $25.  

MJK's finest work to date. The show will be awesome!

The demon-logo is on his ring.

Have you ever gone to a show by yourself because you really wanted to go? 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Have a great evening - and remember to flash your nails ;)

  2. I love this manicure but truly you haven't posted one I haven't liked yet. Sometimes going by yourself and meeting some there that shares loving the music and group is better and having someone go with you who isn't interested and can't wait to leave

    1. I think it's fun. You're surrounded by fans right? You all share one interest. I haven't had a bad experience yet. I just buy a $20 cup of beer and wait for the show to start.

  3. I have a go-to friend who happens to be a music reviewer that I usually go with to shows. We always meet randoms...he's actually met life long friends from going to shows alone - always makes for a good and interesting time. PS Love the mani, it's badass :D

    1. Oh dude, I wish I had a go-to buddy! I did a long time ago but he was a little gangsta. I had to cut him out of my life. This color is daarrrkkk way dark. The blackest black I ever worn! I bought most of this polishes. I will swatch and post them.

  4. I absolutely freaking love this!! Maynard is a musical god! I will DEFINITELY be imitating this look IMMEDIATELY! Absolutely brilliant!!((:


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