Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to do a whitening lemon treatment

Remember my rainbow sprinkles mani snafu? 

The artificial dyes in the sprinkles had stained through 4-coats of polish! 

This was the result: 

One really stained nail!

In order to do a whitening treatment to remove stains, you will need: 

Peroxide, baking soda, a lemon and a spare toothbrush.

Mix equal parts of baking soda, peroxide and squeeze the lemon into the bowl to make a paste.

Remove all polish (obviously).
Apply the mixture onto your nails and scrub for about 20 mins. 
I like to continuously squeeze the lemon wedges onto my nail with the paste on there.
Wash and thoroughly dry your hands/nails.  

There was a spot still on there but that will come off with polish changes.  Ignore those weird clear spots on my nails, it's where the nail bed has grown further under my nail.  It'll go away eventually. 

  • Do this sparingly.  Since it is acidic, multiple applications may damage your nails.  I use this treatment about once a month to remove yellow stains. 
  • Don't apply this to weak peeling or damaged nails.
  • I'd recommend not applying polish right away since you are wetting your nails.  You want them 100% dry for maximum adhesion.  Don't file your nails while they are wet either.
  • Keep the toothbrush used on nails AWAY from other toothbrushes for your teeth! Label it if needed!
  • This treatment is really great for toes! Try leaving it on for 30 mins.
Also, this same recipe is great for removing yellow underarm perspiration stains on white shirts.  Apply the paste, let set then launder as normal but don't dry the dryer.  Dry in the sun!  I don't use bleach, I use lemons! #hardcore


I read a tip about using denture tablets to whiten nails.  You place one a tablet in a bowl of warm water then soak your nails.  I tried it but didn't get as great results with the lemon treatment.  

You can also lightly buffer your nails with a fine grit buffer to remove stains.  I bought these from Sally's.  Be gentle!  You don't want to over buffer your nails as it can cause nail weakness and breakage.  I used to buff my nails about once a month; now I try to avoid it.     

You can also use whitening toothpaste which essentially has the same ingredients as the lemon treatment: peroxide and baking soda.  I know there's products marketed to whiten your nails but looking at the ingredients it's basically baking soda.  I'd rather buy a whole box of baking soda vs. a little packet of nail whitening product.   

Overall, I hope this tip was helpful! Please try it whenever you notice your nails have become yellow or a polish stained your nails. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Interesting! I wonder how it works, and whether all the components are needed? I have a few theories, next time I have stained nails I might investigate! ;)

    1. Oh yeah, if you can break it down in a sciencey kind of way that would be great! Basically peroxide it what's it whitening strips for teeth and my Mom would eat lemons to help brighten her teeth.

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing....

  3. Thanks for this, I'm going to try a lemon treatment soon. :)


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