Friday, March 23, 2012

China Glaze: Hunger Games Capitol Colours

I picked up some of the China Glaze Hunger Games polishes in a recent sale.  I bought these from Sally's Beauty and they seem to be selling out fast!  Also, a fan sent me a couple which I really appreciate! Thank you!  No, I have not read the books yet but plan to.

Here are the swatches photographed under varying lighting situations and angles.  I'm trying to capture the colors as accurately as possible.  Click to enlarge photos.

Under artificial lighting.

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes. A really saturated black with green/purple shimmer. Very dark. Probably the blackest black I've ever seen or worn. 1-coat.  The shimmers liked to stick when I tried to remove it.

With flash

 A close up

China Glaze Agro. A dark olive green with gold shimmer not a dupe for ChG Peace on Earth. 2-coats showed some brushstrokes but disappeared when in dried.

(Photo Credit)
This is what I think when I hear the name Agro.

Under artificial lighting

China Glaze Stone Cold. A matte charcoal grey with silver shimmer. The name fits the color. Mr. Lizard said it looked like slate. Rather accurate description. Another 1-coater. I did 2 coats for good measure. I didn't shine it up to see how it looked. This is also my first matte polish.

With Flash

In direct sunlight

China Glaze Riveting. This color blew me away! A glowy red-orange with gold shimmers. Though it's an orange, it's very wearable and not "Halloweeny" at all. I thought Zoya's Kimmy would be similar. It's not. Love! This was 4-coats. I had some VNL at 2-coats. It bubbled a bit because I didn't let it dry enough in between.

In regular lighting

With Flash

China Glaze Luxe and Lush layered over Riveting. Luxe and Lush is an iridescent flakey top coat in a clear base. The pieces resemble shards versus the usual flakey top coat. This was 1-coat, no top coat. You have to apply it by not swabbing the brush on the side and globbing the pieces around to get even coverage.

With Flash

China Glaze Electrify. Fine gold glitter with red circle glitter in a clear base. Very bright and sparkily. 3-coats with topcoat. It could have used another coat of topcoat to even out. This is my first time wearing glitter in a long time!

Under artificial lighting

Here's Luxe & Lush over the other colors. 

1-coat of Luxe and Lush over Smoke and Ashes
1-coat of Luxe and Lush over Stone Cold

1-coat of Luxe and Lush over Agro.
I gave up on layering it over Electrify.

The lovelies all lined up!

Final thoughts? 

I liked the colors I picked out. The remaining colors are browns, mauves and bronzes which I don't prefer to wear. My favorites out of the bunch are Agro and Riveting. I also like the shard glitter in Luxe and Lush; it adds very firey rustic effect to the base color. 

Did you pick up any Hunger Games polishes? Will you be seeing the movie when it opens this weekend? 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. It's a gorgeous collection, my clear favorite is Riveting, it's like fire on my nails - hahaha visually,that is :)

  2. i laughed out loud at "halloweeny" :]. beautiful swatches!

  3. Very cool, I love the shades you selected xo


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