Saturday, February 11, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Magnetix Instant Chemistry

I picked up China Glaze Magnetix Instant Chemistry as well as the magnet despite the mixed reviews.  I decided on Instant Chemistry because the other colors in this collection looked similar to the Claire's/Icing ones I purchased earlier.

China Glaze Instant Chemistry is a deep burgundy purple.  This is without a top coat. I used the star magnet and Claire's wavy magnet.  I was tired of trying to make the stripe or chevron design work.  As you can see, this magnetic has the least contrast.  I still like it though. It's very dark and vampy, great for Halloween!

With top coat. The top coat brings out the magnetic effect. 

I like magnetic polishes.  It does take some trial and error on how thick of coat to apply and how to position the magnet.  However, they're very forgiving.  If you mess up or don't like the final design, you can reapply and try again.  The China Glaze Magnetix are the most affordable ones I've seen but the magnet is sold separately. 

There's 6 colors total and can found where ever China Glaze is sold or most nail eTailers.

Did you pick up any of the China Glaze Magnetix? 

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  1. I've got all 6 on their way to me. I ordered them last week. I am curious to try the magnet out. So far I have tried the Icing and Layla lines and the magnet from the Icing line seems to be strongest and give the best results. The few reviews ive read about the China Glaze all said their magnet was pretty weak.


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