Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LacquerMan's Valentines Day COUPLES Nails Photo Contest!

I discovered the Lacquer Man through Berry Polished Bio Series on her blog. Please click here to read.

He posted a Valentine's Day couples nail art contest where you and your significant other had to display nailart on all 10 fingers to best express your feelings for one another.  I asked Mr. Lizard and he agreed!  I let him choose the colors and design.  He chose a lizard green for my namesake.

It's 2-coats of Maybelline Go Go Green.  The oldest polish in my stash! He wanted gold stars. If you can see them.  Mr. Lizard had enough patience for only 2 photos.  His index finger is Nubar Reclaim.  The stars are from BundleMonster set 1. 

That scar is from when he worked as a butcher. I have scars too! If we didn't have scars then we wouldn't have a story to tell! 

Well I'll probably won't get another opportunity to paint Mr. Lizard's nails.  It was nice to talk about possible designs.  He really wanted Badtz Maru nails. 

If you can convince your boyfriend, fiance or husband to let you paint his nails, you can enter the contest at Lacquer Man's Facebook page.  Contest ends 2/14/12.  I posted my entry, you can vote for it under "view entries." 

Thanks for reading!

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