Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Haterz gonna Hate...Hello Kitty Nails...

I posted these to my FB page and got my first legitimate troll hater comments!  Luckily, my fans stepped in to help stamp out the hate! Thank you!

Again I would like to state my policy, if you do not like what I have to offer, there's an "X" at the corner of your browser, click it and that should resolve your problem.  Don't let me waste your time by making you read something you hate. ???

That aside, here's my Valentine's day Hello Kitty Nails.  Well not your typical Valentine's Day.  I just wanted something girly.  I ran out of rose decals to make them more Valentines-like.

What I used: 
  • Pink - China Glaze Something Sweet
  • Mint Green - WnW I need a Refresh-Mint
  • Nail art - Hello Kitty nail stickers from Sephora and waterslide decals from Sanrio. **Sadly Sanrio seems to have stopped selling Hello Kitty nail art. :( There's rumors going around that they're going to close down. NOOOOOO! 
  • Top Coat - Essie Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection
On my right hand, I did a variation 'cuz I'm quirky like that!

Same colors & same nail art.  I did a glitter stripe because my line wasn't that clean.  I have yet to perfect the tape mani. I did a couple taped and a couple free-hand. 

I'm holding Essie's Pure Pearlfection.  I know it doesn't look like much in the photos but it's a shimmery silver with hints of pink and blue.  It's sheer for layering.  It would look great over black or a dark navy or a sheer pearl white.  The twinkles look like bubbles!  I bought it at CVS.  It was the last of its kind. 

Happy Valentine's Day from me, Ms. Lizard. 

I hope you spend it surrounded by loved ones. 

This is my pet chicken and my #1 fan! 


  1. how could someone hate these????? I don't know if you know but I love Hello Kitty she is awesome and for the troll ugghh! like Nicki Minaj says "You A Stupid HoE!"

  2. Your fans will always have your back. Its a blog and its your choice and opinions. Its the right of everyone not to agree or like something its how you choose to voice that. Some people forget there is a person on the other side of the computer who has feelings. Treat them as you would yourself with respect. You opinions really aren't worth much if you can't voice that opinion without being rude and disrespectful

  3. These are super cute! Jealousy really is a curse isn't it!


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