Thursday, February 9, 2012

Claire's Magnetix plus testing out the China Glaze Magnet

Last week, I picked up some of the Claire's Magnetix polishes.  These are identical to the Icing Magnetix I swatched earlier with the exception of the Claire's silver.  It's more of a bright silver foil than the Icing equivalent.

I also ordered one of the China Glaze Magnetix and the magnet.  I wanted to try the star magnet and try Claire's rose pink/mauve magnetic. 

The China Glaze star magnet was ok like other bloggers have said the magnet is very weak and does not leave a strong design.  Also, my nails are curved and the magnet is not strong enough to pull enough polish to make the design.  One side is strong while it did not leave a design on the other half of my nail.   

My thumb turned out okay. 

The Claire's Magnetix also comes with the magnet in the cap.  This one had the wavy design. 

This magnet was much stronger and I was able to get the full design on my nail.  I really like the mauve purple color of the Claire's Magnetic.  The magnet pulled out a deeper purple design with a slight pink shimmer.   

I will need some extra practice with the China Glaze magnet.  I liked how the star design turned out.  It has the potential to come through.  It's a matter of how to center it correctly over your nail.  Check out Scrangie's review of the China Glaze Magnetix for added tips on how to handle the ChG Magnet.  

Hopefully some other brand will release a better stronger star magnet.  It would help if these magnets were curved and not flat. 

I will have a swatch of the one China Glaze magnetics.  I didn't order the whole collection because some seemed like they were dupes of the Claire's/Icing magnetix. 

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