Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Berry Polished: Blogger Bio Series

Amanda over at was nice enough to include me in her Blogger bio series!  Thank you BerryPolished for this opportunity!  Please be sure to fan her Facebook page and check out her blog.  I really love her freehand nail art designs.  I wish I had more patience and the correct supplies to do freehand stuff. 

Here is the interview just in case you missed it on her blog:

1. First of all, what are you wearing on your toes and/or fingernails right now?

On my tips I’m wearing my dot mani using Nails, Inc. Warwick Way and dots made with Sally Hansen’s Whirlwind White. My toes are naked. They’re in a sad state. Hopefully by summer they would have recovered!

    2. Ms. Lizard is an interesting name, is that actually your last name or how did you come up with it?
    No but I wish.
    I’ve always been Lizard in some way. I used to own lizards, little anoles. There’s a long-winded childhood story about how I adopted lizard as my moniker. I’ll spare you the boring details.
    Mainly, Nails by Ms. Lizard was way catchier than Nails by **my real name. ** I want it to be a rolling gag where if someone learns a nail technique from me then they can say a little lizard taught them.

    3. Take us back to the beginning - how did you first start wearing nail polish consistently??
    I’ve always been into polish ever since middle school. I’d take my allowance and buy a new polish. There was a point when department stores switched from carrying just red/pink polishes to blues, purples, oranges and so on. I bought Wet n’ Wild polishes and I still buy them today.

    Then in high school, I started working in food service as my after school job. You weren’t allowed to wear polish. As a courtesy to my customers, I did not wear polish. I didn’t want it to flake off into the food. Fast forward to 2010, I started wearing polish again because my boss always had perfectly polished nails. (She has them done). My nails were really damaged and peeling so I started researching products to strengthen and heal my nails. I’d say my polish hoarding began in the summer of 2010 then after Thanksgiving 2010 I told myself I’d wear polish everyday. I’ve worn polish ever since.

    4. How did you decide to start a nail polish blog?
    I wanted to share what I have learned from other nail blogs and Youtube channels and have a way to showcase my nail art. I like posting nail tutorials to show that nail art can be fun and easy and you don’t have to pay a lot of money to achieve certain looks. Also, my nails used to flake and peel so I posted my routine and what products I used. If it helped one person out there then I’ve done my job. Ever since my nails stopped peeling, I started buying more and more polishes! It’s my weekend routine; buy a new polish or several. I would not recommend this routine! My collection grew past the 200 plus mark so I figured I had enough content to post about! 

    It’s nice that I get to talk with people from all over the world about nails and nail care! It’s really great because I was really starting to bore my co-workers with nail news.

    5. How do you friends and family respond to the size your nail polish collection obviously has to be as a blogger?

    Honestly, this is going to sound sad but I don’t talk about my blog or Youtube channel with my friends and family. In fact, I don’t talk about my blog at all in person only on the internet. My boyfriend even called my blog silly! Obviously, they know I’m into nails and have many polishes. I get many comments like, “what a waste of money,” or “that’s insane” or “you should have spent your money on _____.”
    Well, last time I checked I paid off my student loans and work and work pays me so why not collect polishes? 

    On a really sad note, my older sister IS a professional nail technician and works out of her OWN salon! She lives out of state. To this very day, she is NOT a fan of my FB page, has not voted on any of my nail art contest entries. Nothing! To say it hurts my feelings is an understatement.
      (My stash thus far!) 

      6. What is your favorite nail polish trend, past or present?

      I really like the soft shades that were released like in the Zoya Feel and True collections. I work in an office so a shade that is wearable in an office setting is fine by me! Sometimes I can’t change my polish every night so I like to wear a color that’s versatile with every outfit. My favorite color is a soft grey or greige.

      7. Do you have a polishing pet peeve you see other polishers doing?
      My biggest pet peeve is picking/prying off polish. Grab some remover and remove it! Picking/prying off your polish is really damaging to your nail bed. Don’t show me your chewed up mangled nail and then ask how to fix it!

      My coworker showed me her really damaged thumb and said that she peeled off her gel polish. She said it chipped and didn’t have time to go back to the salon to have it fixed! All I said to her was, “YOU SHOULD HAVE SOAKED IT OFF!” It was loud we were at a vendor luncheon.

      Also, another pet peeve of mine is seeing women with chipped polish. I think all polish bloggers can agree.

      8. Please give our readers your favorite nail care tip:
      Treat your nails as jewels, not tools!

      9. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could on have 3 polishes with you, what would they be and why (color names and brands please)?

      I’d have to say Zoya’s Caitlin, Essie’s Chinchilly and any magnetic polish. Zoya’s Caitlin would look great with any tattered rags I’m wearing and whenever I’ve worn it, it always seems to impress. So it might impress any hostiles I might encounter on the island. Essie’s Chinchilly is a nice taupe grey like my cat. If I’m stuck somewhere without him then I’d like to be reminded of him. My third color would be any magnetic polish because I’m still trying to figure them out!

      10. And finally, if you were asked to name a berry-colored polish, what would you call it?
      Berry-Me-at-Sea was the first name that comes to mind. Berry Go Round, Go Forth & be Berry!

        That's it! A little bit more about me! It's been a great two months nail blogging. I've been able to chat with so many wonderful people with the same passion as me!

        If you have any further questions, please look through my old posts or Youtube channel or ask them via Facebook or Twitter. It's easier for me to respond.

        I'd like to thank BerryPolished again! Lunch is on me!


        1. I love the interview, great job and nice to know a little something about the bloggers. Okay now about the picture you did that on purpose so my ocd would kick in I'm sorting and organizing them in my mind lol. I've told I so understand the family part. I have sisters that are beyond cruel and don't speak to me. It must hurt even more that your sister is in the actual business. I'd say your doing fine on your own. Now because you tortured me with that picture I expect to lizard nail art soon! I cannot say enough there are an amazing group of Nail bloggers and Fb pages and you all give so much to us. I love being able to check out the pages and blogs and talk on Fb.

          1. Thank you Tina. I know families can be toxic and it's good not to not devote your energy to such negativity. Yeah it hurts my feelings that my family does not talk to me but what can I do? My main motivation behind these pages is to talk to people. :) Yes I will have lizard nail art soon!

        2. It made me sad to read that your family, especially your sister, aren't very supportive. :(
          My brother mocks my polish collection constantly and it kind of hurts my feelings. My sister has her own website - non-polish related - and I am proud to be her biggest cheerleader and helper in any way! I hope that she would be just as supportive of me if I ever decided to start a blog, though she is not into polish at all. She did let me do her nails once. :)

          1. If your siblings make fun of your polishing, **** them. No that's too mean. :) Do what makes you happy!

            I encourage everyone to start a nail blog, Flickr feed, FB page or whateves. All it takes is a digital camera and good lighting. I use Picasa to edit them down and that's it. I know my photos aren't the greatest but I will get there! Thx I'm glad you enjoyed my interview!

        3. Is it sad that I loved yr polish stash pic and can't stop looking at it? I feel like a perve LOL but the bottles & colours are just so amazing :)

          Also, don't worry about what people say if nail polish makes you (and us lucky readers happy) then KEEP ON POLISHING xoxox

          1. Yeah you like my collection? Now the polishes you sent me get to live with them too! I love the periwinkle by Essence!

        4. Ooooh great to hear! Can't wait to see it on you :D


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