Saturday, January 7, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award! - I'd like to thank the academy

One of my first followers, HollySageMini over at Hooked! nominated me for Versatile blogger award!

I suppose it's a little get-to-know you better.  I consider myself kinda weird.

The rules are: 

1.) List 7 things about yourself 
2.) Pass it along to 15 nail bloggers

7-things about me? 
  1. My nails used to be nubs and were very damaged. I suffered from weak peeling broken nails until I discovered NailTek then switched to Qtica. I'll post more on my experiences on how I ended nail suckage.
  2. I'm a horror movie connoisseur. I attend an annual horror movie fest solo. I don't discuss this hobby with the faint hearted. Not your typical slap stick slasher. Stuff that takes it to the extremes.
  3. I cosplay. I haven't lately though. :( 
  4. I used to take makeup art classes. I'd like to film makeup how-tos. 
  5. I worked in a reptile pet store hence the name. I own no lizards. :(
  6. I've been growing my hair out to donate to kids with cancer. It's almost to my waist. 
  7. I live in a really expensive city.  That's why I live in one of these.
I pass this along to 15 nail bloggers:
  1. Legally Polished
  2. Doria at Makeupchic Literary Geek
  3. Lizz O at The Do it Yourself Lady
  4. Lovin Nailz 
  5. Nails by Courteney
  6. Erika at Chloesnails
  7. Nailingthis
  8. Nailnarc
  9. Rebecca Likes Nails
  10. Cosmetic Sanctuary
  11. The Manicured Manatee
  12. Katrinas nailblog
  13. Nail Addicts Anonymous
  14. Kiss my Acetone
  15. Miss80million
Whew! That took awhile to list! If there's anything else you'd like to know about me or there's a blog you'd like me to read, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter.  


  1. Another horror it! One of my faves would have to be Hostel because it possibly is or could be happening in real life! Looking forward to hearing about growing yr nails too...any tips are handy :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this! I'll do the same tomorrow!

  3. @hollysagemini I think I could write a separate blog about movies alone! I liked Hostel as well. I wish Eli Roth would make more movies. As for growing your nails out, I hope to have that post up soon. First step, have patience.

  4. You dont actually live in a storage place really! Im slow if it was a joke lol
    and thanks for passing it to me!

    1. It was my attempt at humor. I live in a standalone cottage apt. behind a house aka A SHACK!

  5. YES! I loved Cabin Fever too! If you decide to do a Horror blog I will defs subscribe!!!!!

  6. Thanks so much for the award. Aye! I didn't even see this till now.

    Wow, It's a lovely thing you're growing out your hair to help kids with cancer. You're so very kind.

    1. I can't wait to cut it too! I think my next trip to the salon I'm gonna ask him to braid it & cut it!


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