Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sometimes to win, you gotta play to lose!

The OPI Nails 4 Life contest ended recently and the 4 winners were announced. Unfortunately, I did not win. However, I'd like to thank those who voted for me. It really meant a lot.

Here's some other nail art entries that did not make the cut!

My Nails 4 Life Contest Entry

Youtube Contest Designers' Choice Entry 1. It had to be a video tutorial entry, seen here

Youtube Contest Designers' Choice entry 2.  I ranked third!  Video tutorial seen here.

InStyle FB contest entry. It's from a vid tutorial I did here.

My monarch butterfly nails Youtube contest entry.  Tutorials can be seen here and here

Lesson learned, I will keep enterin' and I will keep losin'!  

Maybe there's a charitable Lizard I know that ought to pick up a nice set of prizes and set up her own amateur nail art contest! *ahem* *cough*


  1. Wow...you are so talented!

    I missed the links to the youtube ones...bugger :(

    1. these are old entries. I didn't have a blog/twitter back then.


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