Friday, January 27, 2012

NOTD: Illamasqua's Vice, What's your vice?

Someone's vice can take the form of many things whether it be booze, smokes, sweets...whateves.  Now, I wouldn't call collecting nail polish a vice though a color called Vice is rather appropriately named...donchathink?

I was on a polish hunt for Icing's or Claire's Magnetix polishes and I stopped in at Sephora.  O'course, I had to make a YUCK face the whole time b/c EVERY woman there was demoing the tester makeup on her own face!  As a treat, Vice came home with me.  I took the box from the back row hoping it hadn't been testered! 

Illamasqua's Vice is from the 2011 Theater of the Nameless collection. There were 4 colors released total.  What sets this collection apart is its waxy, rubber finish for all the polishes.  It's not quite shiny or matte. 

Me likey.  Me likey this finish alot! Vice is a burgundy blood wine red with a waxy satin finish. This was 3-coats with no top coat obviously. 


The formula was on the thin side. At 2-coats, there was some uneven coverage and I had to do some clean up at the cuticle line.  I did get some dings on my right hand. The brush was a little flip floppy and hard to control but not impossible.  Also, the downside is that you can't wear topcoat to get the desired finish and I kept scuffing red streaks on all my paper work today.  


The Theater of Nameless collection can be found in Sephora stores or on the Illamasqua site

That being said I might have to get the remaining colors with the exception of Taint! 

What do you think of the waxy rubber finish? Do you like it? 

Thanks for reading.  


  1. It's an interesting finish but I think I'd just be rubbing it all day until it went uneven :(

    1. The downside to the semi-matte look is that once you moisturize, it will go shiny! I don't want it shiny!


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