Monday, January 16, 2012

New Wet n Wild Megalast: swatches, review & possible dupe comps

I saw a new display of Wet n Wild polishes and I thought I'd pick up a few that caught my eye. These seem significantly larger than the other Megalast polishes I've seen.  I chose 4 out of the display. There was a red and some soft pinks as well.

Through the Grapevine, Disturbia, Wet Cement, I Need a Refresh-Mint

Through the Grapevine - this is 2-coats with top coat.  This did not need a top coat but I dinged my nail and needed one to smooth it out.  Through the Grapevine is a fuschia that leans a little purple.  Very close to my favorite color Zoya's Keiko. 

Here's a bottle shot comparison:

Keiko is a tinge darker and has a slight blue to it. They're really close. 

Disturbia - 2-coats, no top coat. A very vampy dark violet. Eggplant? Maybe. It has slight purple shimmer to it.  A darker version of Zoya's Tru?  As you know, purples are very hard to capture.  Here's some shots in the sun. 

Here's how it compares to my other vampy purples:

WnW Disturbia, WnW Eggplant Frost and Zoya's Valerie. 

Purple-wise it might be closer to Eggplant Frost which has a blue shimmer to it.  Valerie has a hint of red and gold shimmer.  She still sits in my untrieds. I got her in my Earth Day Exchange promo in May 2011!  Also, pick up Eggplant Frost if you like purples.  It's a $1.  It's my go-to color if I can't decide what to wear.  Eggplant Frost = awesome! 

Wet Cement - 2 coats, no topcoat. It's a taupe mouse brown. I was hoping for a grey for some reason. It's along the lines of OPI You Don't Know Jacques or SOPI Metro Chic. (Colors that everyone wears BTW!) This color is also very office appropriate.

Here's how it compares to other taupes in my collection:

WnW Wet Cement, Essie's Chinchilly, China Glaze's Below Deck, Nubar's Chiffon.

It's probably closer to Essie's Chinchilly but the application and dry time with Wet Cement is way better than Chinchilly.  

I Need a Refresh-Mint.  2-coats with topcoat.  This is a Tiffany's color dupe, robin egg blue. Similar to China Glaze's For Audrey.  (I don't own For Audrey but it's on my wishlist). 

Here's some similar colors: 

WnW I Need a Refresh-Mint, ChG Re-fresh Mint, OPI Mermaid's Tears and Orly's Gumdrop. 

Actually, I Need a Refresh-Mint is closer to Orly's Gumdrop.  Gumdrop is slightly lighter, very slight. At first glance, they would be dupes. Also, I threw Re-Fresh Mint in there just cause. 

Furthermore, the brushes are new. They say, "Manicurve Pro Brush."

It's very similar to the curved brushes in Rimmel's polishes.  Rimmel is on the right. 

Final thoughts? 

Overall, I like these. The formula and application were flawless, dry time excellent. Price? Can't be beat, $2 ea. The new wider brush allowed me to fan out the polish and I was able to get the perfect cuticle line with NO cleanup. These could have been 1-coaters with careful application. If you're looking to add to your color wardrobe, definitely pick some of these up.

I have nothing bad to say. Some other nail bloggers like to bash this brand saying it chips. If you have a nice base coat and top coat (and refresh your topcoat everyday), it won't chip. I've liked this brand for the past 15 yrs or so. The only time I wouldn't like it if it stole something from me...then again I'd find a way to forgive it.

Do you like these colors? Will you be picking up a few?


  1. Wow!! Thise look great, gonna have to look for some of those!!!

  2. Great colours and so cheap! No cleanup? You're a genius!

    1. Yup that new brush was awesome. They applied like a dream!

  3. Love this!! I love how you compared the colors with other brands. I've been looking to add these to my collection. Will definitely be doing so. Thanks :-)

    1. They're $2. Every Walgreens I've walked into seemed to have a huge display. There's 10 total in the collection. You really can't go wrong with these!

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