Friday, January 20, 2012

Navy Holo Franken recipe

Frankening, if you are unaware, is a means of custom mixing nail polish to create a new polish color or try to copy an existing or discontinued color (or a frankendupe).  Franken comes from Frankenstein.  Frankens are also called Frankenpolishes.

I'm going to show you how to "frankendupe" a navy holo similar to the discontinued OPI DS Glamour.  A really rare and highly sought after navy blue polish with a linear holographic effect. I think it was released in 2007.  Also, this is NOT my recipe.

I didn't come up with this.  I found this recipe from a Flickr feed.  Seen here.  Please don't accuse me of piracy!  This is not my idea! I'm showing you how I mixed it! I think the recipe showed up on the MUA message boards.

Unfortunately, it takes two discontinued polishes to dupe another discontinued polish, you will need (click photos to enlarge):

Sally Hansen Pink Rose Diamond, WnW Nocturnal & an empty polish bottle. 

Backside photo of the labels

I purchased these off Ebay.  Please be aware there are two versions of Pink Rose Diamond. You'll need the older dark pink version. This one is has a more linear holographic effect.  The lighter version is a more scattered and more than likely will not give you the same effect.  

Please ask the seller which one they're selling.  Also, I tried this with some other blue polishes in my stash and Nocturnal was the only one that mixed well and had the linear effect. Dunno why, I couldn't tell you. 

That's what you're looking for.  I lucked out and got the older version. 

You will also need a dropper. 

You will be using this to add you colors.  Also, if you or anyone in your household is using eye medication, do not reuse dropper and keep it away from the medicine cabinet.  You do not want this to happen.

Pour the majority of Pink Rose Diamond into your empty polish bottle.  First, clean it out with a bit of acetone.  Taking your dropper add one drop of Nocturnal and shake.  Keep adding drops (one at a time) and shaking until you get the linear blue holo seen here.  I can't remember how many drops I used.  Maybe 3 or 4?  Adding too much blue can wash out the linear effect.  Also, your dropper can be rinsed out with a bit of acetone for future mixing.  

I layered this over one coat of Nocturnal to save on polish.  I applied 2-coats as seen above. 

Now, the question you want take a gamble on getting the wrong version of Pink Rose Diamond off Ebay and forever curse the name Ms. Lizard???? 

Solution 1, here's some alternate blue holos:

Speciallità The Hits no Olimpo collection - Apolo

Solution 2, I recently purchased Glitter Gal Silver 3D/holo: 

The good thing about this holo polish is that it's sheer enough for layering, look! 

Seen here layered over Orly Royal Navy.

Blurry shot to show the rainbow effect. 

There you go! I hope I satiated your lemmings for a linear blue holo. I purchased this Glitter Gal over at,, which also has the a-England polishes and the Speciallit√† polishes. 

Thanks for reading! 

I have more frankendupe recipes to post! 
Stay tuned! 


  1. Im not a frankenperson but I am a fan of what other more talented ladies such as yourself can do. It totally looks the same! Good work :)

    1. Frankening can be just as addicting. Have you seen Lynnderella's site? She's a one person shop who custom makes and sells her frankens. They're always sold out. I want one!

  2. You've got me so tempted to give this a try! This color is amazing.


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