Monday, January 9, 2012

Making do with what I got!

Everyone's excited about the Zoya True collection and accompanying mylar flakie topcoats.  Well, I can't fit anymore polishes in with my current living situation.  I have to make do with what I got.  So, I digging through my stash I found a comparable color combo to one of the Zoya True polishes.

Let's take a looksie...

OPI Mermaid's Tears from the 2011 Pirates collection.  It's a dusty turquoise creme.  This is 2-coats no topcoat.  This was part of my vacation haul back last MAY! I miss vacations...

I think this color is close to Zoya's Bevin even though I can't verify in person.  Please order a spoon if you want to see in real life.

Also, I own 2 flakie topcoats.  Sinful Colors Green Ocean and Nubar's 2010. 

Sinful Colors Green Ocean - it shows up in Walgreens or other drugstores with the St. Patrick's Day green merch.  Y'know the cheesy green merchandise that they sell to help people pretend they're Irish on March 17th then they go bar hopping ridiculously dressed.  Yeah that section. Ahem! 

Green Ocean has opal microglitter with sparse green flakies in a green jelly base.  This is layered over Mermaid's Tears to try to replicate Zoya's Opal over Bevin.   

This was 3-coats to get some disbursement of flakies.

In low light. Zombie twinkles! 

Green Ocean it's okay.  It sits in my stash.  It reminds me of zombie barf which is fitting for a St. Patty's day promo item.  It's $2.  

Do you have any flakie topcoats?  How do you like them? 

Up next: 
Nubar's 2010 

Also, I got request to discuss movies.  So I will make a non-nail related post dedicated to my top movie picks. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!


  1. No flakies here, I spotted a local one reviewed on a blog recently and must get it...also Pirates collection was MT looks fantastic on you!

  2. Thanks! Do you have the Pirates polishes? I have them all and didn't see the movie. :) Flakes are nice you can layer them over diff. colors and get a diff. effect.

  3. Awww.. Love how you titled this "making do with what you've got". Honestly that is such a great thing we have to remember in this nail-polished crazed world. Lol... *cough*.. We can't buy 'em all can we?

    These two look so good together.

  4. @Lizzy O right? I'd like to swatch and post all the latest and greatest polishes but I can't. I'll leave it up to the big time nail bloggers to do that.

    1. Yep. I think the big time bloggers get those things for free to review anyway. I'd love to do that too, but for now, I pay for my stuff, and have to "make do with what I got". :-)

  5. I have the mini set that I scored real cheap from and I can honestly say I love each colour. On stranger tides would be my personal fave, even though it looks totally disgusting lol.

  6. really pretty combo! I have the Sinful dupe of Mermaid Tears

  7. @Niesha(skyla91)Sinful Colors are really hit or miss for me. Some are really good and some just really suck! Glad you liked it!


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