Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm half the Lizard I used to be...

Sorry, STP reference.  I was up late swatching.  I decided to file, then file, then file some more!  It was 2am. This hasn't been the first time I've done this or second or the last. Don't know how many late night nail chops/file downs I've done.

Here's some pre-hack naked nails picts:

Now post-hack: 

I had just applied Nail Balsam.  Now, I can type.  Don't worry, it'll take 4-6 wks to grow back to my ideal length.  Believe me I've tracked it in my calendar.  It was .6 mm of free edge and I took it down to .3 mm. 

Now, I can listen to this song!  Yes, I made a music playlist dedicated to nails! 
(Based on the theme of starting over.)

Do you have any good "starting over" songs you can recommend? 

I've got Arcade Fire, "Ready to Start," The Hives "Square one Here I come" and Lily Allen "Back to the Start." 


  1. I like the new length! I might need to file mine some more now too.

    1. Thank you! I thought I made them too short! They'll grow back.

  2. Your nails are gorgeous. I like both lengths.

    I understand what you mean by "Filing and then filing some more"... It happens to me too. I just file and file, and over-file. lol..

    1. I just couldn't type! I turned some stuff in to my boss with Type-os. I'm not the best proof reader. doh!

    2. Lol.. Totally makes sense. Lol... I personally love how long nails look, but I can't have them because of my profession, and also because they don't quite look right on me...

      But yes, Typos will happen with long nails..Good thing is short nails look good on you too.

    3. The thing is about short nails. It's easier to do nail art too!


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