Sunday, January 29, 2012

Icing Magnetix polishes: swatches and review

I picked up 3 out of the 4 Icing magnetic polishes after I heard about them on my FB Page.  Icing is a jewelry, makeup and polish boutique at the mall.  It's geared towards tweens and teens and is the sister store to Claire's.  They offer a great variety of polishes at a discount price!

I photographed these under various lighting situations. I still can't figure out the settings on my camera to photograph under the sun so that my hands don't look like frozen death or lobster claws!

First is the blue/purple.

(In indirect sun)

(In indirect sun)

(Under lamp)

The blue/purple one came with the wavy magnet and the magnet portions brought out the purple. I added a top coat to bring out the magnetic effect.  One commentator added that it looked like the ocean!  I felt this one was the most difficult to work with.  This result was my second or third attempt.

Next is the silver/black:

I almost did not get the silver/black magnetic polish because I own the Nails, Inc. version.  However, I like this one a lot better because of the silver glitter particles that came out with the magnet.  It didn't give me lemur tail nails!  I felt this one was very wearable while Trafalgar Square was not.  Excuse the ding on my index! 

Next, is the green/gold. 

I felt that the greenish/gold magnetic polish turned out the best!  The gold particles really came out with the magnet.  You can really see the contrast.  This is the one I ended up wearing as a full mani today and I don't even like gold!  Very cat eye like! 

Wavy and stripe

The magnet comes in the cap and does not need to be purchased separately.  There's a wavy version or a stripe version.  The cap comes with two lips to orientate it to give a different design.  If you're not sure which design works best, try it over an old mani or hold the magnet up to the side of the bottle.  There you can see how you want to orientate the magnet. 

Also, the brushes on some of these were defective.  The bristles in the blue one were fused together and crooked! I'm going to try to swap it out. 


The instructions on how to use magnetic polish is under my Nails, Inc. Trafalgar Square review

Overall, these were opaque enough to where you can paint one coat and hold the magnet up to it to get the effect.  You'll want your coat to be thick enough to get the design but not too thick or the polish will get sucked up by the magnet leaving a circular empty space on your nail.  If you mess up, you can repaint your nail and try again.  Also, let these dry 100% before adding top coat. 

I read over at Nailstah to blow on your nail while you're holding the magnet over it to give a more pronounced effect.  The reason is that if the polish isn't dried once you remove the magnet, the design will diminish as it dries.  Make sense?  I tried it and it worked! 

I am very pleased with these. These were less expensive than the other magnetic polishes I've seen.  These were $9 USD plus they were having a buy one get one half off deal.  I like the glitter/shimmer that popped out when I put the magnet over it versus the metallic ones I've seen before.  There's a rose pink color too that I might have to pick up!

I think the magnetic polish trend is picking up!  So exciting!  Thanks for reading! 


  1. The blue is so cool, I love the kinda swirl effect...but then they all look really great!

    1. I liked these. It was very had to capture on camera. My fav. was the green/gold which I'm still wearing. China Glaze has a set of magnetix too which I'm thinking about ordering.


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