Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Get ready to have Super Bass stuck in your head - Nicki Minaj inspired nail art

I read over at Hooked! about the Nails 4 Life Nicki Minaj nail art contest on Facebook.  You have to choose one of the four outfits listed to do a design from.  I thought I'd try a couple of designs to submit.

This first one is a fail.  I thought it had to be inspired from ANY one of her outfits.  This is inspired from her pink animal print cat suit in Super Bass.  I didn't submit this.

The base is OPI Alpine Snow and stamped with the giraffe design on BM10 with ChG's Heli-Yum and the tips are Happy Go Lucky.  I added some pink rhinestones to match her cotton candy wig. 

I found a black light bulb.  I thought it would be clever to shoot it under a black light bulb like they do at the end of the video.  I then realized that this design didn't fit with the contest rules.  Back to the drawing board! 

                                                   Photo credit              

For the contest you had to pick one of four of her outfits and one I picked was her iHeartRadio outfit.  Here's a picture of my submission alongside what she wore. 

The lavender base is OPIs Rumples Wiggin' and I sponged ChG's Virtual Violet, Milani's Silver Dazzle and Sephora by OPI Flurry Up! (silver hex glitter) to represent to the blingy rhinestones on her dress. 

The accent nail is Sinful Color's Fusion Neon (worst polish ever!) and I custom mixed that green to match her accessories.  The beaded gold chain is for her plastic Barbie KFC chicken wing necklace thingee...!?!  

I know this design is simple and more than likely won't win but I felt the colors worked for her dress. I stared at that photo forever trying to figure out which colors worked best.

 I liked the lavender base with the glitter gradient and the neon half nail and beaded chain. I think those will work for two separate manis! I'd like to try to wear one of these soon. Did you enter? Link me your entries and I will vote for you!

Voting opens in a week.  I'll post again so you can vote for me! Thanks for reading! 


  1. I love love love Boom-badoom-boom-BOTH of these! I'll vote for you make sure you chuck that link up! Chicken Wing Out!

    1. Yes I will repost! There's a bar glitter in her collection I want to try!

  2. Please post again when voting starts, so I can vote for you.

    I think you did the outfit great justice! Everything made sense to me before I read your explanation. That means you did it right. I love this!

    1. Thx! I love the colors she wears! I wish I had that many wigs. I will post again but if you click on the OPI facebook page then Nicki Minaj contest on the sidebar. I'm under the iHeartradio tab. Kinda complicated huh?


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