Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 2011 Haul and Stolen Christmas gifts

This was my haul from December.  I had a self-imposed "no-buy" but I got some Christmas money.  Some of this haul were gifts to my family in which I used my Xmas money from them to buy them gifts. Unfortunately, their package did not arrive.  I think it was stolen.  I feel so bad that it didn't arrive and I will rebuy and resend it to a more secure address.  I hope whoever stole it really likes the Crackles and gift cards.  ::eyeroll:  :(

Here's my haul:

From Left to Right: WnW Diamond in the Rough, ChG Broken Hearted, Cracked Concreted and Fault Line

ChG Tarnished Gold, Latticed Lilac and Haute Metal

Poshe top coat, SCRANGIE, Milani Hi-Res and Zoya Twila

SH Insta-Dri Silver Sweep, Whirlwind White, and ChG Crushed Candy

My Boss bought me some Lush foot lotion and foot mask.  Her way of telling me my feet stink! Lolz

There's my haul.  I am most excited for the re-release of Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie.  Every time I check their site; it's sold out!  I checked the site on a whim and she was there!  In case you don't know blogger Scrangie was given the opportunity to invent her own nail polish color!  What color would you invent if given the opportunity? 

Oddly enough, I was able to get Diamond in the Rough at CVS but it was supposed to be a Walgreens exclusive.  I kept the receipt to prove it. 

Lastly, I have the crackles swatched for my little write-up on crackles. If there's any of these polishes you prefer to see first, please let me know and I can swatch it. 

I hope the first day of the year went well for you!  I have one more day off then back to work!

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