Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zoya Gems Rina plus plaid nails tutorial

Here I'll try to keep this quick...

This is the other Zoya Gems I bought.  This is Rina.  I didn't buy Twila but I almost did today but resisted the urge to polish hoard.

(In regular indoor lighting)

I layered this over Zoya Shawn. You can see it poking through. Whoops!

Rina is a sparkily green with small green micro glitter, fine bar glitter and fine holo glitter.  My Boss called this color dragon scales. That's pretty accurate. **note to self - add Trogdor inspired mani to my to do list.

I decided to add some stripes to make a plaid gift wrap design and added some rhinestones. 

I don't know why my fingers look like frozen death here. 

I had the most disastrous mani night ever. I want to try to put these plaid nails behind me.  I'll wear this tomorrow and that's it.  

Here's the corresponding video tutorial: 

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