Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Ice Baby collection: Swatches & Review pt. 1

I have a few of the Wet n' Wild glitter polishes from the limited edition Ice Baby collection.  I have two more to swatch and photograph.  I waited too long to decide to get these and I was unable to get Diamond in the Rough.  I don't normally wear glitters but these are pretty awesome.  These are all photographed under an artificial light, there's no sun where I live anyway.

Back Alley Deals - purple micro glitter with magenta circle glitter. I really liked this color combination. I'm a sucker for red-purples.  It gets bonus points from me for having a rather non-PC name.  Also, this is a dupe for Nails Inc. Bloomsbury Square, (here.)  Though I can't verify in person but looking at the testers in Sephora; they're exactly the same color.  If you love purple and weren't able to get this one definitely pick-up the more expensive Nails Inc. version.  The color itself is worth the few extra dollars.

Cost is No Issue - an aqua teal micro glitter with darker blue/teal circle glitter.  I don't normally like teals but this insanely sparkled and an overall lovely color.  Yes, Cost is No Issue when it comes to polish hoarding!  Also this is similar to Nails Inc. Fitzroy Square.

(photographed in partial sun)

24 Carats - gold micro glitter with gold and copper bar glitter. WOW!  Another color I wouldn't normally wear is gold!  Insanely blingy glittery haystacks!  I like the fact that it has bar glitter in it.  Way back when, in the late-90s, bar glitter was really popular.  I'd wear it on my face and nails.  I hope to see more bar glitter in 2012. 

It's All in the Cut - a lavender micro glitter with pink circle holo glitter. I couldn't get this to capture for the life of me.  To be honest, I didn't like wearing this one.  I feel it's a little out of season.  Lavender purples belong more in springy-Easter season.  This would be good for an Easter egg mani.  Also, the holo flash was dulled with top coat.  

(photographed in partial sun)

Rockin' Rubies - a rich red micro glitter with circle holo glitter.  Sadly, my love for wearing red on my tips has waned and I stopped wearing red.  For awhile there, I'd only wear reds/burgundy.  However, the red glitter is so rich and festive, I loved wearing it.  This color may have restored my faith in wearing red again.  

Overall, I felt these applied very well and weren't goopy or sticky like most glitters.  I really liked these colors even though I don't wear glitters.  These were opaque in 2-3 coats and dry time was normal.  These dry matte and gritty and will eat top coat.  I used 2-coats of Poshe Quick dry top coat to smooth things out.  However, be careful with Poshe because it can cause shrinkage and it's not advised to have the heater running whilst doing nails.  Also, as with all glitters, removal can be a pain.  I used the foil method and was no worse for wear.

Availability?  These were a limited edition Walgreens exclusive.  I saw them in a display and turned around then they were GONE!  I trekked to 5 different Walgreens to try to find them and found most of them at some obscure location.

What do you think of these glitters?  Were you able to get these before they sold out?

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