Saturday, December 17, 2011

I ventured out on a cold windy rainy night...

The path was laid out before me.  My goal was resolute.  My umbrella broken.  I needed to get to Sephora and Lush.  I battled the masses and dodged large puddles of water.  I own no rain boots.  I needed new shampoo and the new Nails, Inc. Magnetic polish.  I chose Trafalgar Square.

I got home and was eager to try it.  My first attempt was unsuccessful; I painted over my folly and this is was the result. 

The more I looked at it...

The more I didn't like it... :( fail.  

I promptly removed this.  Too exhausted from my adventure, too tired to polish, I wore nekkid nails the next day. Oh the horror!

I've been wanting to try magnetic polish ever since seeing it on Tartofraises's Youtube Channel.   Her videos are in French but her videos are easy to follow along if you don't know French.  I was so excited to hear that Nails, Inc. magnetic polishes were available at Sephora.  

How to apply: 
  • Paint one coat of the magnetic polish and let dry.  Or to save on polish paint one coat of black. 
  • Paint one coat of of magnetic polish and rest the magnet over your nail while it's still wet. The magnet is in the cap with a curved lip to rest your cuticle on. (not photographed).
  • Repeat on all nails one at a time.  Let dry. 
  • Add a top coat. 

My first attempt, I touched the magnet to my nail and dinged it.   Luckily, you can paint over it again and redo it without taking it off.  It streaked when I added a top coat so I don't know if I didn't wait long enough or if it's better to not use a top coat.  I felt like the magnet wasn't long enough and I couldn't get the design on my whole nail or I wasn't doing it right. Plus I had my heater on and I think the polish dried too quickly before the magnet could do its work.  I'd like to try this again to see if I can get it right. 

What I didn't like?  I didn't like the line design with the silver and black.  It looked like this on my nails.  I wish they sold the star magnet separately.  I was looking to buy one on Ebay.  Stars on my nails are a good thing. 

Yes, the effect is amazing.  It reminds me of the intricate melted glass design inside marbles.  You have to see it in person.  Sephora has these out as testers if you're willing to demo grubby tester polish that everyone else has tested.  Women that do full on manicures in Sephora with tester polishes really bother me!  Gross!

Yes, these polishes are expensive ($16 USD + tax) but you get a pretty cool effect and the magnet is in the lid.  The magnet is not included with other magnetic polishes.  Also, this bottle is full sized and with other brands the bottle is half sized or mini. 

These are still available in Sephora stores and  

What do you think of magnetic nail polish?  Have you tried any?


  1. I think you are being hard on yourself because this looks really cool to me! I love this effect, need to try and find some of this magnetic polish, stat! What is the finish like?

  2. Hi Holly! The finish was shiny but not so shiny. Adding a top coat makes it shinier. When I painted a top coat, it streaked for me. Def. check these out!


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