Saturday, December 10, 2011

First post and introduction!!!

Hello blogworld! 

My name is Ms. Lizard (Lyndsey) and I've been obsessed with nails for a little over a year now so why not start a nail blog?  I thought blogging would be a good medium to share my obsession instead of boring my poor co-workers with the latest nail trends or nail art.  

So about me...I am rather simple really...I like cats, lizards, video games, sci-fi, anime, manga, makeup and well I'm sort of a dork.  I work in an office so most of my nails are office appropriate with little nail art.  I might try to wear something fun on Fridays.  Also, I'm new at photographing my nails, it's a little trial and error for me.  Without further ado, here's my first nail post: 

Chanel - Peridot. O.o A green, olive, gold duochrome from the Illusion d'ombre fall collection. In regular lighting, it's a green and in the sun it's a shimmery olive.  

You can sort of see the gold-olive duochrome here. 

Very lovely.  This was 2-coats.  It applied well with some brushstrokes that disappeared when it dried and I had no issues with chipping. 

Availability: This was sold out at Nordstroms when I went.  I had to custom order it from another location to be shipped to my work.  It's still available on Nordstroms online.  I'd highly recommend getting this limited edition color before it's sold out, well worth the $25!  

What do you think of this color? 

Okay, first post over! Stay tuned. Thanks for reading. 

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