Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Top Polish Picks Pt. 1 (picture heavy)

Like I said, I've always been a polish hoarder.  My polish hoarding really began in the summer of 2010 then I discovered various nail blogs then my collection exploded.  In 2011, I think I've bought a little from every major polish release. 

I have 5 swatched thus far so here's the first half.  Mind you these polishes are all equally great.  I'll post them in no hierarchical order as well as feature some ways I've worn them throughout the year.  Sorry if it seems Zoya heavy, it's my go-to brand at the moment.

Zoya Kieko from the Summertime release. It's a lovely red-purple plum cream, this is 2-coats with no top coat.  

A purple half-moon mani I did for a Youtube nail art contest (click to see).

Stamped with BM14.  Taken with my old crappy camera. 

China Glaze White Cap from the spring Anchor's Away collection.  A sheer gold shimmer polish.  I'm not sure how many coats until full capacity if worn alone.  Seen here layered over Kieko.  This is 1-coat.  It's a very concentrated gold shimmer.  More than one coat then it's too heavy.  It's another one of my go-to polishes.  It's great for when you want to refresh your mani without completely changing it.  

Chanel Peridot - I talked about it my first post.  One of my favorites from 2011.  Very intense metallic olive gold duochrome.  The freaky color of cats' eyes.  I wore this to a outdoor night concert, no one noticed.  :)  If you like greens, definitely pick this up.  Though the price tag can be off-putting.  I'm sure it will be duped in the future by a less-expensive brand. 

(here it looks purple)
Zoya Caitlin  from the spring Intimate Collection. It's a grey-purple, grurple? I wore this to a corp. dinner and it wowed my colleagues! I wear this to most to the office because the majority of my office clothes consist of grey, black or white.

(here it looks grey) 

Here's my grey cat (Buddy) with a purple ID tag.  You can see the purple in Caitlin.  Please ignore the shoe rack in the background.  I live in the world's smallest apartment portable storage unit (click to see).

I'm sorry I'm going to have to pick another purple.

Wet n Wild  Back Alley Deals from the Ice Baby Collection.  I'm happy that I was able to find all the glitters in this collection!  I love the purple microglitter with the magenta circle glitter.  It shined intensely; something my cheap compact camera can't pick up.  I just really love purple.  Oddly, I own no purple clothing but make up for it in polish. 

Okay there's my first half of my top 10 picks from 2011.   I feel like I bought so many polishes this year; I have no room left for any 2012 releases!  

Thanks for reading! I hope to swatch and photograph the remaining five! 


  1. The shine on Kieko is ridiculous! Loooove that colour!

  2. @hollysagemini yeah I'm not sure of the availability of Zoyas in Australia but def. buy Kieko if you can. As you can see I'm a sucker for red-purples.


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